On Aug. 8, 2017, Pamela J. Boudreau, Acting Director of the Division of Pipeline Certificates in FERC’s Office of Energy Projects, approved a request from Dominion Energy Carolina Gas Transmission LLC (Dominion Energy Carolina) for authorization to discontinue natural gas service and abandon Line A, consisting of 55 miles of 10-inch-diameter pipe and 5 miles of 12-inch-diameter pipe in York, Chester, Lancaster and Kershaw Counties, South Carolina.

In its Oct. 13, 2016 abandonment application, Dominion Energy Carolina said that, if it were to continue to operate Line A, which was installed in 1958, “the line would need to be hydrostatically tested and modified to accommodate in-line inspection due to conditions related to the integrity of the pipe seam (Low Frequency Electric Resistant Weld). The cost of this testing and modification is prohibitive and unnecessary considering [Dominion Energy Carolina] shippers currently served off of Line A can continue to be served by switching their deliveries to a line which parallels Line A. As a result, the abandonment of Line A will not impact service to … existing shippers. Upon abandonment of Line A, all firm and interruptible deliveries previously served from Line A will be served from [Dominion Energy Carolina’s] existing 16-inch diameter transmission line, Line A-1-A, which parallels Line A.”

Dominion Energy Carolina said it intends “to abandon the three remaining sections of Line A in three phases during 2017 and 2018.”

Dominion Energy Carolina estimates that the abandonment will cost $5,000,000.

No protests or adverse comments were filed.

FERC staff prepared an environmental assessment (EA) for the proposal and placed it into the public record on June 30, 2017. “Based on the analysis in the EA, it is concluded that if abandoned in accordance with Dominion Energy Carolina's application and supplements, and in compliance with the environmental conditions in the appendix to this Order, the approval of this proposal would not constitute a major federal action significantly affecting the quality of the human environment.”

Boudreau concluded that the proposed abandonment “is permitted by the public convenience or necessity.”

See ¶608-2: Certificate Proceedings for more information on FERC’s review of abandonment proposals.

Dominion Energy Carolina Gas Transmission LLC, Order Approving Abandonment, 160 FERC ¶62,133 (2017) [Docket No. CP17-3-000].